Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Not a Gun !!! MT.Diablo High Locked Down

My son was in 6th period at Mount Diablo High when an announcement came over the intercom speaker. The voice said only to disregard all bells and keep your students in... Several announcements followed through out the next 40 minutes instructing the teachers to keep all students inside...The last message gave the all clear...Evidently a student was said to be on campus with a Gun...The CPD had many cars on the scene...No one was hurt ...This kind of thing is becoming common  in our society today but when its close to home its a different feeling all together...I dropped off my son this morning at Mt.Diablo High and on the way home found that a local business on Colfax was Vandalized... Earlier the Same Day... So it has been very busy in the Down Town Area for the CPD today...Just glad no one was hurt and the kids got out safe..


Anonymous said...

Bad headline. "No Gun!" would be better. Keep up the blog, it looks good!

claycord guy.

Anonymous said...


I had no idea that our high schools offered any dance instruction!

Concord Blogger said...

Great to see another local blog on the scene. I'll add you to my blog roll tonight.

Anonymous said...

Not me I won't be adding this Blog. Hate to tell you dude but you suck.