Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Hunting Grounds

You may recall earlier in the month here I wrote about a pair of Red Tailed Hawk siblings that hunt here on the ridge... Well ,much to my surprise this morning I was able to get a few shots of them hunting in the same spot that they have always hunted I guess...The two appeared to me to be the same two brother and sister Hawks that I had seen here at least three years ago...Like I have said in prior postings, The Lime Ridge is home to many creatures as well as man...The Red Tailed Hawk has a good food supply here on the ridge and is always hunting its valleys for rodents...Today was no exception as I watched the pair methodically work their Hunting Grounds...I will continue to monitor these two Local Celebrities and  keep you posted on their adventures in The Lime Ridge....All three pictures were taken this morning and if you click on the middle one you will see what seems to be the female perched atop of the Oak tree...Really cool with the Mountain in the background...

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