Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Is Live Oak Cemetery Haunted?

I personally dont know of any other Ghost Stories about The Live Oak Cemetery and had not heard this one until today so here it is , as told by a local acount......"QUOTE."...  " WOW, this is some crazy stuff. About 8 years ago I was jogging around the track at Clayton Valley High School. I noticed a lady in a long black dress with white ruffles in front standing on the flat top of a hill across the road. Her dress caught my interest because it looked like something someone would wear along time ago. As I stared at her, she waved at me and I waved back. She then walked over to what I thought was a horse behind a tree. As I left the school, I stopped the janitor and asked if the "house" on the hill was very old. He said there was no house on the hill, only a graveyard. I pointed to where I saw the lady and told him I saw her at that very location. Again he told me that there was no house on the flat of the hill, only an old Cemetary and it's locked up because it's very old and kid's had been messing it up. I told him I also thought I saw a horse with her. He told me that in all the years working at CVHS, he had never seen anybody there let alone someone with a horse. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was dusk and I even remember her hair was up in a bun on the top of her head ".....End Quote...Now to elaborate further ,Local legend has it that Sara Norton was on her way to deliver a baby in Clayton when she died...That baby is buried in The Live Oak Cemetery located at the top of the hill above CVHS...
This quote is from a comment left on Claycord.com in the Mayors Ghost Stories posting


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I used to live just on the bottom side of that graveyard and the houses in that neighborood (black oak, red oak, and white oak) are all haunted.

I lived on redoak and there were ghosts.