Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Over Priced and Not That Tasty

Smokey obviously knows a little something about munchies  right?     Ok check this out....I know they sell a lot of donuts but,,, The Donut Shop pictured here in "Smokeys opinion" is over priced and kinda gross...Kings Donut shop on Chestnut  charged me eleven dollars for one dozen regular donuts which I thought was high but was in a hurry so I just took the box and paid it but then when I returned home and shared them with my family I started to realize I  kinda paid a lot for these mediocre donuts  ...These were definitely not anything special , infact they were kinda doey...Soooooo   I am gonna have to give my first two thumbs down ever to  Kings Donuts on Chestnut.....Yuck !


Anonymous said...

Nothing will ever compare to Krispy Kreme. Easy to see from the freeway, shining like a jewel. I didn't go there a lot, but I was sad when it closed. The "hot donut" light made my mouth water.

ACC said...

Kings is one of the best. But $11 seemed high. We go there all the time.