Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Real White Shark Bigger Than Jaws ;Beach is still OPEN ?

Two large bites were taken out of the 10ft white pointer by another great white, which is believed to be 1.5m longer than the creature that featured in Steven Spielberg's Jaws!!!......Not a local story,,, thank goodness but I was shocked at this one...There is a Shark off the coastline of Queensland Australia that is making waves in the media today after a huge Great White Shark was found with massive bites taken out of it ...Clearly by another larger predator ...Here's the story.....The injured great white was still alive when it was dragged on to a boat near Deadman's Beach off north Stradbroke Island.
"It certainly opened up my eyes. I mean the shark that was caught is a substantial shark in itself," Jeff Krause of Queensland Fisheries told the Sydney Daily Telegraph.
Surfers have reacted to the news of the shark attack with shock.
"Whatever attacked and took chunks out of this big shark must be massive," said Ashton Smith, 19. "I've heard about the big one that's lurking out there somewhere.
"We're all being very, very cautious."
Australia is entering summer, a period of the year when shark attacks on humans increase because of the higher number of swimmers in the ocean.
The country's most popular beaches are protected by nets and what are known as drum lines - a series of baited hooks that hang from buoys placed in a line about 500 yards from the shore. However, neither guarantee that sharks cannot get through.
Since the net and drum line program was introduced in Queensland there has been only one fatal attack on a protected beach.

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Alert us when the reach the shores of Mount Diablo.