Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Turtle Creek

Turtle Creek is a Park for Residents.. If you are a resident of Turtle Creek and you don't enjoy this beautiful piece of Concord that is exclusively yours then you are missing out... Turtle Creek is a very nice place...I can remember as a kid watching them build it in the early 1970's...It was a massive construction site with what seemed like endless homes being built everywhere and in the middle of all this construction there was a waterway taking shape into ponds and streams...The waterway eventually became a large green belted park and is a beautiful refuge for local wild life, nestled inside of ,and winding through Turtle Creek...There actually are Turtles and also many other types of life throughout the ponds and creek...There is a main pond out on Turtle Creek Road and as you walk the green belt there are two others...The second is pictured above and is just about the middle of the trail...The third pond pours into the storm drainpipe where it is re-routed under ground pouring out into The Galindo Creek  flowing under Treat blvd. feeding the Cape Cod creek that flows into Concord Nature Park...Turtle Creek Park is a residents only park,,, however its waters are enjoyed by us all as they spill into Galindo and flow through The Concord Nature Park...

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