Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Arboretum Tree Walk

This park is a unique setting in which to discover and learn about Trees...Both native and exotic...There are 45 different species of Trees listed and marked by number on the Markham Tree Walk Map which is free and available in  the map rack at the end of the parking lot...This is a dot to dot  map that takes you all through the park from # 1 through # 45... Many of the Trees in the park were planted by the Markhams decades ago...Today there are more than 600 Trees in the park belonging to more than 90 species and many are mature specimens more than fifty years old...Many of these Trees are from other countries around the world with Mediterranean climates including a number of them from Austrailia... #1 best place for a walk in Concord says  ...Smokeys Mountain...    For more info...call 925-681-2968 

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Anonymous said...

Yes, it looks like a safe place to walk. Unless... a Mighty Bald Eagle swoops down and takes your head off!