Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Celebrating our 200th Posting on SmokeysMountain !!!

That's right everyone!!! SmokeysMountain has just posted our 200th post...The last two months have been full of wildlife stories and local openspace photos from all around the valley here and even some good restaurant reviews and some other local stories as well...Big thanks to all of our readers out there.!!!   This month I have also recruited a great sports writer / photographer who goes by the name   "A's SmokeScreen A's"  and I am looking forward to some great postings in the next Hundred ...Hope you all have a Great Day! and HAPPY THANKSGIVING VACATION !!! God Bless....!!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Smokey. But instead of thanking all the readers out there, how about thankin' LP. He's the only reason I even read your blog. He's the greatest!

ps. This was not written by lp.

(alright, maybe it was written by him)

Anna, The Lemon Lady said...

You've got at least one other reader. :)

Not sure how you're posting so much, unless you are retired? You obviously love nature and animals. Lovely photos. Enjoy what you do - and have fun doin' it!