Monday, November 16, 2009

Eagle vs Hawk

The Red Tailed Hawk is a good sized bird , an awesome predator and not to be taken lightly by its prey,,,however it is  relatively  small in size when teathered right next to the Mighty Bald Eagle... Now that is a Bird of Prey...WoW ! What a seriously dangerous bird !   The Lindsay Museum has a Live Raptor exhibit where all these birds are teathered on display for you to enjoy... This is the only place in the county and probably the bay area where you can see these two Birds teathered right next to each other side by side ...All the Raptors have been injured in some way and can not live in the wild so they spend their days at the museum where they receive all the nutrition, healthcare and exercise that they need ...Many other birds of prey can be seen as well at the museum...

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