Sunday, November 22, 2009

East Bay MUD Trails cost $$$

Apparently  East Bay Mud Trails are not free.? The Briones trails have always been a favorite of mine and as a kid I hiked around up there a lot... The Briones Reservoir is just a short hike from the Hampton Staging area and it is a really nice hike too click on the link above and see a great map of the area from complete with a slideshow of this beautiful hidden lake...It has been a while since Ive hiked into Briones though , so today I decided to do a little research on the trail maps for that area online...I found out something interesting in the process...Did you know that EBMUD requires a "Trail Use Permit" which they sell for $10,$20,or $30 dollars depending on the length of  time you would like to purchase access to their trails for...One day Trail use Permits are available for $2.50...   I makes sense that they would charge a fee to access the trails that they maintain for us but I  had never heard of any of the open spaces requiring a Trail Use Permit..

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