Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Hidden Creeks of Cowell

Here are just a few of the pictures I took today in Concord showing off some of the more secluded sections of the Galindo creek as it winds its way down Cowell road through beautiful backyards and crossing the canal ... Most of the creek going down Cowell road behind the houses there is hidden and on private  property...So I thought I would take some pictures to show you some of these Hidden Creeks... ....Click on these links for more stories on Galindo or  Turtle Creek..


Flamin' Skull said...

hey sorry to be a bit off the subject, have you ever tried Disc Golf? I enjoy it and it looks like something up your alley as well. If you haven't, you could go to the one located in Moraga near St. Mary's College. Unfortunately, we don't have any courses here in concord (that I know of)

heres a link to get you started.

p.s. you can get cheap discs at Play it Again Sports.

Smokey said...

Right on ,and yea but never on a real course...I always made my own...you know like hit that tree in x amount of tosses, but I didnt know there was a course over there thanx...I know there is also one up in the sierra college area off Hazel ave above Sac.Always thought it looked kinda cool...I believe you use a slightly smaller but heavier disk in Frisbe Golf...