Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mountain Lion Obsession

Ok you all know how interested Smokey is in the Local  Cougar population,and Nooo I am not talking about good looking older women...I am referring to the California Mountain Lions right here in the bay area..... Particularly around the Briones Reservoir area where they are seen often...I guess you could say that things that can Kill and Eat you have always fascinated me!....Current estimates of the California population run from four to six thousand; presumably the density is similar throughout the West. If you spend any time in the great outdoors in this half of the country, even if you've never seen them, they've seen you. Of course, they typically would rather eat deer, but it's more than a little disturbing that the relatively small number of interactions is a result of their choice, not ours.
I agree that mountain lions are beautiful animals - you'd have to be a fool not to see that the fearful symmetry of the great cats sets them at the pinnacle of predator evolution at this point in Earth's history. Their unwavering focus on predation extends from their nervous system and musculature straight down to their hemoglobin, specially engineered to allow quick-release bursts of oxygen for explosive speed and power (and in the kind of biochemical arms race we often see in evolution, ungulates have developed the same trick). But the cliches of savage nature's grace won't reassure you very much when you're going for a little walk with your four year old and you see one. It's odd to think that, like Africa, we still have enough powerful land predators to pose a threat to lone humans, and mountain lions are definitely around. I have seen two in a four year period, the first within 32 miles of the San Francisco city limits, the other within five miles. There have since been confirmed sightings even closer to the city than that, and five weeks ago my wife and I saw a classic track in mud on a trail in East Bay public watershed land within less than two miles of the Oakland city limits (not our photo - from

        This is  cut from an article I found on one of the Blogs That I follow here's the link to the rest of the story on  MDK10 ...and here is another Cool Cougar Post
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Anonymous said...

Smoky's fearful obsession reminds me of Mr. Monk. A 4 year has a far greater chance of dying of a bee sting, struck by lightning, or in the community swimming pool, then being killed by a Mountain Lion. Must be Smoky grew up as a bubble boy.

P.S. Bees have been seen closer then 32 miles from San Francisco city limits. RUN!


Smokey said...

LP,,If you read the dang post and go to the dang links you would see that I didnt write this post it is cut from a posting on a blog that I follow from a guy that hikes all the time and has seen them himself and has alot of information on them as well .... and for the record I may have a Mountain lion Obsession but not a fearful one only an admirable one ...Knowledge is Power Meatsuit!!! lol