Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Old Borges Ranch

When I was a kid this place was the old west to me...The Borges family residence was built in 1901 and many other structures  there are almost as old...The Barn by the house was built in 1903 and the Big Barn was built in 1913 ... When my son was in elementary school we went on a field trip with his class together to the Borges Ranch Exhibit at the Theater in Walnut Creek...It was full of cool stuff that they used back in the day...As I was Photographing the kitchen I was remembering all the utensils I saw at the exhibit years ago...The Old Borges Ranch is on the National Register of  Historic Places ...                                           Francisco (Frank) Borges was only 17 when he hopped a train to California, drawn by colorful stories of cowboys and vast ranches. He arrived in Vacaville and became a cowboy at the Chandler Ranch. There he met Mary Vieira, They married in 1888,
Frank became interested in some land in the Concord hills which a friend suggested might have a climate better for Mary's health as she was ill...  He bought 700 acres at $4.50 per acre...  The family lived in a small there cabin until 1901, then moved into the redwood house which still stands today.
Since then, Borges Ranch has gone from being a successful cattle ranch to the preserved historical site it is today.... Frank and Mary Borges are buried at Historic St.Stephens Cemetery on Monument blvd. in Concord...

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