Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Red Shouldered Hawk

If a Red Shouldered Hawk lives in your neighborhood then you have probably heard it...KEE -YUUR,,,,,,,KEE-YUUR  in a sharp raspy scream...They like to build large nests in trees near streams hunting mainly small mammals and even snakes...Most notably the difference between the Red Shouldered and the Red Tailed Hawks are the Tail Feathers as shown above...This particular Red Shouldered  Hawk suffered a fractured wing when she was only 4-6 months old ...Because she was injured she can not fly  and could not survive in the wild and has been at the Lindsay museum since 1993,,, which is where I photographed her... A very pretty Red Shouldered Hawk...A raptor like this one will actually live a longer life in captivity than if it were in the wild...Click Here for more information on the Red Shouldered...Because of its vocalizations and its colorings often times it will be mistaken for a  Falcon...Ever seen one of these in your neighborhood?

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