Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tony La Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation

In May 1990 during a Game between the Oakland As and the New York Yankees a stray Cat ran out onto the field and disrupted   The Game...Getting the ball rolling on the Idea for this great community center built right here in our valley...Today I was given a tour of this  Large  Community Center  by Jill Cooney  (pictured above) who is the Development Manager for ARF... Inside the walls are surprisingly lined with the Guitars of  famous musicians and celebrities such as Sammy Hagar , Carlos Santana and many more... You see ARF has a Concert series called Stars to the Rescue and many famous people have stepped up to perform and have even  donated their  Autographed Guitars ...Tickets go on sale Dec.1st for the next show...This facility was  larger than I thought and had  more to offer than I knew ...For instance ther is a whole wing dedicated to teaching kids every thing needed to house and take care of a Dog or Cat,,, complete with a pretend Pet Shop  with real products and  a pretend  register ...Tony La Russa's ARF really is a Community Center...You might say its the E-harmony of pet adoption having wole areas for you to interact with the animals before you Adopt them finding the right match for your personality and lifestyle and also allowing you to bring in your already family pet for interaction time to make sure things go well...ARF is not a drop off spot and receives their Cats and Dogs  only from the local shelters however if you are in foreclosure and are forced to lose your Dog or Cat they will talk to you Directly... I plan to enroll myself and my Dogs in one of the Dog Pavilion activities there soon...Special Thanks to Jill Cooney  Development Manager for the Tour... All three of the animals pictured above here are available for adoption and can be found by you at  ARF...

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