Friday, December 18, 2009

Concord Nature Park

Still one of my favorite places to take a walk and always has been... Especially after the rains at the beginning of winter like it is now... Concord Nature Park is a great place to take a walk this time of year or any time of year...The sandy path around the big green or the paved path along side of the creek that leads to the old wooden bridge and to the dirt path that winds back across the meadow to the other bridge and back to the parking lot...  Avery peaceful place  to take a walk...Get out there and enjoy your day,each of us only gets so many of them !


Apollo Idol Prudence said...

isnt this markham?

hopefully you're staying warm and dry

wishes for a cold beer in a warm pub for all of us

Anonymous said...

umm... beer.

Hot buttered rum better!