Monday, December 14, 2009

The Local Raptor

It has been a while since I have been up to that part of the ridge that I call The Hunting Grounds... This is where the two male and female Red Tailed Hawks have lived and hunted for years ... A section of Lime Ridge that is between the Ygnacio Wood and Lime Ridge homes ...On my last visit there I got some great shots of the two Hawks together in their tree... Since then there have been various Raptor perches placed throughout the open spaces to aid the Raptors in the hunting of our growing Ground Squirrel population... The local Raptor population around here consists mainly of the Red Tailed Hawk,White Tailed Kite ,   Golden Eagle   ,Owls and also various Falcons although other Raptors are sometimes seen such as different kinds of the Hawks ...The holiday season with my family has somewhat taken priority over my wildlife photography however as time permits I will be headed back into the Hunting Grounds to do some more filming soon... 9 different links here in all,,,Enjoy the Falcon Link...

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Anonymous said...

No video. Still pictures only. Maybe if you wear your specially made live gopher hat, you can get some good raptor close-ups.