Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Late Evening Ride up hwy 49 Last Night at 11PM

Here is a posting from the Sierra City web site posted last night at 1;30am during the snow storm up there...If you are familliar with the Sierra City area then you can picture the beautiful scenery described here by these lucky locals......a late evening ride up hwy 49 last night at 11PM,,,. Except for the CalTrans crews there was not much traffic out. We did find and assist one motorist stuck in the snow bank on that slippery corner just west of the Yuba Pass. We were slipping and sliding around (laughing) trying to keep afoot while hooking up the tow rope. We got them back on the road with no damages and followed them down the road as far as Bassetts. It continued to snow constantly all evening covering the trees and giving the landscape that fresh, sparkling glow.

Several cars were parked at Haskell, Green Acres, and a few at Clark Station. Boot tracks left ample evidence of the hearty souls up to enjoy the winter wonderland. Cabin lights back in the trees through the falling snow gave the whole scene a look that even Norman Rockwell would have enjoyed. What a great start to 2010. Life is Good.

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