Thursday, December 31, 2009

SmokeysMountain Isn't The Smoky Mountains

I found this post on one of the blogs that I follow called The Smoky Mountain hiking blog..    Obviously not a local story but a comparison story on how different things are in the Smoky Mountains compaired to SmokeysMountain(Diablo)...Finally, the bear warnings for the Little River Trail have been removed. The bear activity warning had been posted on the Little River Trail for several months this year, and was the last of six trails that had bear warnings during the year.

Also, several backcountry campsites and shelters have been re-opened or have had posted warnings removed in recent weeks.

Back in October there were 5 backcountry campsites and shelters that were closed, in addition to at least 18 that had posted warnings. There were also six trails at that time that had warnings as well.
...    What a different kind of place that is than this...California sure has been tamed over the years....I just thought it was an interesting comparison...Notice how they describe the differences between the Griz and the Black on  the green warning sign ...

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Bells and pepper!