Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Star Gazers on the Sierra Buttes

Last summer while in Sierra City I noticed a flyer at the local swimming hole that was titled "Star Gazers on the Buttes" it said that Bay Area students from SF State University as well as various professors would be aiming their Hi-Tech Telescopes at the sky at the Packer Saddle area which I was familiar with having been all over that mountain growing up...As we arrived up on the mountain we saw many different sizes and shapes of telescopes all being prepared by college students and their teachers...  Above is a shot of the sunset view from the Packer Saddle staging area that evening...Just about at dark I was talking with a man from Moraga who had a very interesting looking telescope and offered to show me the planet Saturn...Wow was that cool ! I had never seen Saturn with the naked eye only in pictures before this and to see it from the top of the Sierra Buttes was a real treat ... Pictured here is my son looking at Saturn as well ...

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