Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Wild Turkeys of Concord BART.

For weeks now my son has been telling me about these Wild Turkeys that he has been seeing walking around inside at the BART station in the mornings on the way to school ... I told him that he was probably  seeing some other kind of bird and that Wild Turkeys wouldn't be hanging out at Concord BART with all those people coming and going ... Well apparently I was wrong ! Today I saw these big brown birds for myself right across the street from BART on someones driveway... The California Wild Turkey has definitely been steadily making its comeback around the Diablo Valley and I have seen them often in the Shell and Lime Ridge  surrounding neighborhoods but I was surprised to see them at Concord BART...These birds are very bold to be hanging out in the ghetto at Christmastime,,, but the way the economy is this year they ought to be nervous in any neighborhood ...  

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