Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Big 6.5 Earthquake Rocks Humbolt Yesterday

Yesterday in California there was a pretty big one folks a 6.5 and today this morning there were 2 sepatate 3.0 or greater even closer to us infact the ones today our valley is right in between ...Look at the USGS map and see for yourself, Click on the squares for info on each quake... Something is going on in California lately and its concerning... Is the Big one coming? I think it may be...Not to sound like chicken little but are you prepared for the BIG ONE?

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Anonymous said...

Lp is prepared. It's not that complicated.
1. Guns and ammo
2 Water and food
3 Radio, flashlight, batteries
4 Manual can opener, bbq with gas.

Of course if's ELE or TEO TWAWKI, all bets are off.