Monday, January 4, 2010

The Burrowing Owls Of Antioch

Bay Area Wild Life Advocates are protesting the eviction of a colony of Owls in Antioch to make way for a housing development ...The developer has hired biologists to evict the Burrowing Owls by installing one way doors on their burrows ...Allowing the Owls to leave their homes but not to get back in...A group called friends of East Bay Owls says more should be done to relocate these Owls as well as other wild life in the area pushed out by development...They want to see land set aside that the animals can go to adding that you cant just keep developing without setting someting aside for the wildlife of our area!!! Smokey totally agrees...Just last saturday I was  at  this location and I saw a Coyote in the middle of the day looking very confused with almost a "what the heck is happening around here " look on his face ...He was a pretty adolescent looking youngster too...Anyway of course I didnt have my camera at the time or else I would show you but these at Friends of East Bay Owls do make a valid point and something more needs to be done here... 


Anonymous said...

Using smokey-logic, this is another California animal that can kill you. (although they never have, that doesn't mean they couldn't ) Burrow their way into your head while you're sleeping, and devour your brain!


Anonymous said...

The implication from a recent paper article is that the land was empty, then it was purchased for development, then owls moved in, and then the developer went to deal with getting them out.

Does that sequence change anything from your perspective? Do you feel that this particular developer should provide the additional space or is it that regardless of the sequence there should be more to be done and this is just a convenient reminder of that?

Scott said...

Actually, the owls had always been on the site and it is verified through photographs taken prior to any initial grading. The biological surveys performed on the site in 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004 indicated owls were not present, but photos dating back to 2003 show owls clearly living on the land. The biological survey was accident or on purpose. I will say it was impossible for them to not see owls if the survey was completed responsibly.

Additionally, the city and developer (previous owner) had the owls evicted in 2005, with zero mitigation, before the area was graded. Residents even addressed the Planning Commission in 2005 when more building permits were being applied for.

With the stalled building and poor housing market, the owls simply returned to their historic site.