Thursday, January 21, 2010

Indian Exploitation in Contra Costa

I found this on the Contra Costa History website,Very interesting stuff...                         From the archives of Contra Costa County...  This refers to the treatment given the Indians by the whites... The first is dated October 7th, 1851 and reads as follows...
"The Grand Jury for the county of Contra Costa at the October term of the Court of Sessions beg leave to recommend to the attention of the Court to see that the laws for the government and protection of Indians are duly observed... John Marsh was Foreman...    California law permitted the indenturing of Indians and the seizure of "orphaned" Indian children from their tribe for incorporation into Anglo and Mexican households as servants or worse. These laws permitted a form of human slavery that was illegal when applied to Black Americans in California. These laws were not repealed until after the Civil War... This and many other interesting facts and stories on the history of old Contra Costa can be found at ContraCostaHistory.Org  


Anonymous said...

My advice is do your own research. You will find this a very simplistic and wrong view of history and the law.


Smokey said...

Where do I research if not this source? isn't a good source?