Friday, January 1, 2010

Marijuana Regulations?

We’d never be able to “effectively regulate marijuana” if farmers were growing hemp. Not that we’re actually “effectively regulating marijuana” now. Prohibition of marijuana is the absence of regulation — no regulations on who can buy it, who can sell it, where it can be sold, what age you must be to purchase it, where it can be used, what THC potency is allowed, whether the crop can be grown with certain pesticides and fertilizers, and what penalties should be leveled for failure to follow the regulations. Yes, there are laws against marijuana that makes all of those actions a crime, but by definition you can only regulate something that is legal.
Prohibition doesn’t make those actions go away, it just makes them crimes. Therefore, those actions are occurring in an unregulated manner. So how is it, again, that growing an industrial hemp plant is preventing the government from regulating something that prohibition made unregulated?This post can be found @NORML


Edi Birsan said...

I wonder what the situation would be if MJ had not existed before and was the result of a genetic plant manipulation that was just developed?

Anonymous said...

Smokey, you are repeating yourself. repeating yourself. A sure sign you are smoking too much of your hippie lettuce.


mad mom said...

I think you made some very valid points. Prohibition or just say no does nothing to keep us safe.