Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Marijuana Regulations?

We’d never be able to “effectively regulate marijuana” if farmers were growing hemp. Not that we’re actually “effectively regulating marijuana” now. Prohibition of marijuana is the absence of regulation — no regulations on who can buy it, who can sell it, where it can be sold, what age you must be to purchase it, where it can be used, what THC potency is allowed, whether the crop can be grown with certain pesticides and fertilizers, and what penalties should be leveled for failure to follow the regulations. Yes, there are laws against marijuana that makes all of those actions a crime, but by definition you can only regulate something that is legal.
Prohibition doesn’t make those actions go away, it just makes them crimes. Therefore, those actions are occurring in an unregulated manner. So how is it, again, that growing an industrial hemp plant is preventing the government from regulating something that prohibition made unregulated?This is a re-posting from last week and this post can also be found @NORML.com


Atticus Thraxx said...

Just follow me here while I think out loud..
Maybe it's a sham and pot should be legalized. But truly dude, you don't really think suddenly societies ills will be cured? It will be years before the "Billions" in tax revenue I keep hearing about manifest. Certainly lighten the load on the criminal justice system, no doubt about that. Crime? It's still a valuable commodity if legal so people will still commit crimes to obtain it, or money for it anyway. So no help there.
Plus ya got the fact it's a hot, somewhat toxic gas your inhaling. Can't be a good idea, that.
Now...off to the garage for a bong hit or two, it's gettin late.

Anonymous said...

A.T.- As the mother of high school students, I was struck by the last comment in the Times story today, because it is so true.

It is easier for kids to get marijuana today than it is for them to get a six pack of beer. My child is a great student and doesn't drink, but has told me that they smoke pot. I wasn't happy about it, but their honesty, good grades and way of being helps me to see that it is not devastating.

I wish they never started smoking, but it is very prevalent today, as it was when I was a kid.

Personally, I think it is ridiculous, insane, hypocritical and any other adjective you can think of to have legal tobacco and alcohol and not pot.

The argument about legalizing meth and cocaine is meant to grasp at straws.

Think about this, if a person uses pot to help them cope or sleep, they are a criminal. They could quit smoking pot and get a prescription for Prozac and Ambien from their doctor and be completely legal.

These are drugs created in a laboratory, not grown in God's Green Earth. How does that make sense? I would rather smoke a plant than be enslaved to the pharmaceutical industry.

That is whack!

Smokey said...

I have mixed feelings about it really? I just find it to be an interesting topic that's for sure...

Anonymous said...

The argument that this would solve our money problems ignores history. The State will always find ways to spend the money and not solve problems. Remember how the lottery was gonna solve our school funding problems?

Smokey said...

Lottery cards/tickets don't grow on a tree...