Friday, January 15, 2010

On The Trail in Mustard Season

If you enjoy hiking like I do then chances are that you may have already noticed how the beautiful colors of winter foliage have started to paint the landscape of the entire Diablo valley ... The foothills  of Mt.Diablo are turning completely green all the way around the mountain like fresh produce in a fog terrarium...But one of the cool things about hiking the foothill trails of Diablo this time of year is the all the patches of yellow that are coming into bloom... I am talking about the wild mustard fields of Mt.Diablo  of course... These big yellow patches can be seen this time of year all throughout the mountain and its meadows...The older you get the quicker the seasons seem to fly  by...Lets face it Time does fly...That's why  its so important  to slow down once in a while maybe even stop and notice the simple things like the return of the yellow mustard each year...

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Anonymous said...

How can anyone relax, knowing a giant eagle might swoop down at any moment and eat you?