Saturday, January 30, 2010

On The Trail of The Marsh, The Diablo and The Galindo

 This time of year these three very different local small creeks become more like a series of large streams and even rivers at some points... This always allows for some great hiking environments that we don't normally get to enjoy ... Here is a great shot of the Marsh Creek @ Round valley as the winter rains turn this normally almost dry creek bed  into a beautiful stream ..
.These shots of the Diablo Creek were taken last week in Donner Canyon on past the Bruce Lee trail... It too is an incredible sight to see this time of year also looking more like a small river or stream ..

Finally some more shots of the Galindo as well ... This is of course the creek that's headwaters flow from the Crystal Ranch area back on the Mangini preserve... Flowing through Concord  pretty much parallel with Clayton and Cowell road adding much to the Concord Nature park along the way..

These three very unique creeks are all right here in the valleys and foothills of our beautiful Mt.Diablo...I say  get out there and enjoy each season for all its worth !

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