Friday, February 26, 2010

Riding With The Ranger

This is some rare video footage of the Castle Rock Trail taken from the Rangers Polaris 4x4 on the way back from the Mt Diablo State Park trail entrance way back in the woods... He came along just as the heavy rain set in and offered my wife and I a ride which we happily  accepted ...I was out over some cliffs on the passenger side a few times and the views of the stream down below were great...   That was a cool end to an already cool hike today ... We went even deeper into the woods today on the Castle Rock Trail passing through the State Park Gates way back in the woods and into Mt Diablo state park about a  mile...I got some great pictures today and I will be posting them with today's hike a bit later ... Until then enjoy this exclusive footage of the Castle Rock Trail in the Winter time in the rain as seen from an East Bay Park Rangers Polaris...


Anonymous said...

Gotta love CA. Budget shortage, shutting down parks certain days, but the rangers can now bomb around on new Polaris's and give rides to hikers.

Anonymous said...

You can expect a bill next week for one cliff side rescue by a State Park Ranger. Nine thousand dollars

-Arnold aka The Govanator of Cal-eee-forn-ya