Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cougar Canyon / Mountain Lion Alley

The small unincorporated town of La Honda, California has been in the news quite a bit this year... It seems that there have been an unusual number of Mountain Lion sightings and encounters in the past few months in and around La Honda ... A  mauled deer carcass was found just last Monday morning in La Honda as well ... I looked at  La Honda on Google Earth and it definitely looks like some prime big kitty real estate... As you can see in this Google image shown below here this is a perfect Cougar canyon with great ocean front access ...
 Here are some links to just a few of the Headlines from La Honda this year ...Two Mountain Lions in La Honda      Mountain Lion Sightings     Mountain Lion Apparently Kills Deer      Mountain Lions Evade Capture in Ca.    2 Hikers Fend Off A Pair of Mountain Lions      Pescadero Park Reopens After Mountain Lion Scare       More Sightings In La Honda This Year  

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