Thursday, March 4, 2010

Smokey Gets Up Close And Personal With A Honey Bee @ Markham Park

Today when I checked my mail I had a reminder from Apollo Prudence about the Camellias that were most likely in bloom at the Markham Gardens Concord Nature Park ... So , I went down there to take a look and hopefully get some great shots of the Camellias by the stream which I believe I did and I will be posting those  soon for you ... I just love the flowers at Markham park each one is different ... My next post is going to be filled with great shots of them ...I think you will like it ... The above video however is something different that  I shot while I was there  of a Honey Bee hard at work gathering and spreading pollen ... You can see at the end of the clip that I got a bit too close ...  Thanks Apollo for the heads up ! I really enjoyed being there this afternoon ...

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