Friday, March 26, 2010

Smokeys Greatest Hits

I have been working a lot more lately since my wife was laid off  from her job and  so I haven't been hiking or writing as much as I would like to lately...Soon I will be back on the trail here in our valley and will show you some more pictures of this wonderful California oasis called Mt .Diablo and its Foothills and Valley trails...Till then here are five hike stories from this past winter that are some of my most favorite places to hike here in the Diablo Valley .. Click on these  links and they will take you to the Hike stories full of great pictures ...                # 1 Round Valley Regional Preserve ......     # 2 Hiking Pine Canyon  ...    # 3 A Freshly Dusted Eagle Peak...     # 4 Black Diamond In A Storm ...  # 5  Old Borges      

1 comment:

Fred said...

Living in Texas now I never get to hike around Mt Diablo.