Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Is In The Air ! "The Story Of SmokeysMountain"

This is the time of year when critters start behaving strangely... A phenomenon  that ole Walt Disney described as being "Twitterpated"   I don't know about you but I have got birds nesting all around my yard and there is a strange familiar feeling that comes over me this time of year bringing up memories like this one ; The night I purposed to my wife I told her that I had to go and check on one of my clients in w.c. off north gate road,this was just a cover however as I had the ring in my pocket the whole time and planned the whole thing... As we drove up to the residence I quickly said "dang it he isn't home"then I said "Oh well since were here why don't we take a nice drive up the mountain"?... She agreed and we took a left up to the north gate of Mt.Diablo... For the record this was the clearest and most beautiful day that June 2007 had that year,just perfect for a drive up the mountain...The gorgeous views that Mt.Diablo is famous for were all in full... As we drove up the mountain we talked of our relationship and how blessed we were to have been good friends for all of 12 years totally unromantic and then fall completely and totally in love...I cant describe how much easier a relationship is when you get to fall in love with someone that has been your best friend for years...You see her and I had been friends long before we had feelings for each other...Anyway when we reached the top I suggested that we go up into the castle and look through the telescopes up there... The reason I chose Mt.Diablo Summit is that it  is the tallest peak around and there is a Castle at the top...Once we were on the deck atop of the castle she started admiring the 360 degree views that a perfect day has to offer up there and thats when I said Honey could you take off your sunglasses for a minute?...As she did I slowly dropped to one knee and while opening the ring box I said  will you be my wife? Tears poured down her face as she said YES...Just about where ever we are in the bay area and even beyond that we can always see that peak where we were ingaged to be married...That blinking red light at the top is for us...That is why I call it Smokeysmountain ! Spring is a good time to remember this stuff...  Do you have a story of Spring ?  Have a great day ! Smokey...

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Anna, The Lemon Lady said...

Sweet story Smokey.

My husband and I were friends for a very long time too, over a decade. Sadly, it took a life-threatening, very serious health scare to bring us together. We a happy with our little family of he, me and Ava makes three! ;)

Bless you Smokey and family.