Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fruit Is Falling !

I would just like to remind all of us here in the Diablo Valley that there are many families with children right here in our community who simply cant afford fresh fruit and veggies and they rely on the food banks to get by from week to week !  Look I know that most of us here that are on a computer reading and writing blogs do not have this problem ... But maybe some of us here still don't know how easy it is to help... This is the time of year when much fruit just falls to the ground unused and rotting ... My good friend Anna Chan " The Lemon Lady" brought this to my attention by her own idea which is the one that I present to you now ... Do you have Apricots,Plums ,cherries or any other fruits and veggies this year that are more than you will use ? If so Contact  The Lemmon Lady by clicking Here...


Anna, The Lemon Lady said...

Cute. Thanks Smokey! We need to spread the word, it really is that easy. If each one of us told one friend or neighbor about "fruit to food banks" or "the lemon lady" at least it would keep the idea fresh in the minds of people who care!

Fresh idea. Fresh fruit. Fresh fruit falling. Loquats are a neat fruit too. They ripen just before Apricots. Loquats are more rare and delicate, but a treat nonetheless. There are many right near where you live Smokey, off the main streets of Concord/Clayton.

Have a great day!

EdiBirsan said...

I would also like to point out that there are gleaning and harvesting projects starting all around.
I am helping to get a Rotary Project going and cooperating with Anna who helped to inspire it.

There are three real functions in the effort and maybe you can do at least the first part:

Walk and Talk
Walk around your neighborhood and talk to your neighbors who have fruit trees and ask them if they would contribute to the food pantry/bank efforts?
Many times they would but need a little team love and effort. So we can provide the next two functions:

Drive and Thank
If they will pick it themselves and put it by their door we can arrange for someone to come by and pick it up and leave a thank you note. Or if they need help with the picking (and many seniors do) or people who have busy lives and could use some help then the next function comes in:

Pick and Host
We can come over with a youngster or alone and pick the low hanging fruit (we do not use ladders) and get it to the food banks.

The fruit that we pick and get to the food pantry's in the morning are often on someone's table that night.

So there you go as to the methods of our obsession with helping the community to reach out and feed someone.

EdiBirsan AT Astound DOT net

Smokey said...

June is definitely a fruity month!

Anna, The Lemon Lady said...

One Person. One Tree. It all begins somewhere. Have you picked a tree lately?

I update my blog about recent fruit gleaning efforts, food banks, local food pantries, and connect gardeners to food banks nationwide! Use the nationwide food bank search function on the upper left of my blog.

Call or visit The Lemon Lady. or I'm here to help and to inspire others.

Thank you Edi and Smokey for your contributions to helping the hungry too. Very much appreciated!