Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Red Headed Step Birds

  Every year throughout the valley here there is a certain smallish bird species that returns faithfully to nest over the front steps of my house and many many other houses throughout the entire central valley ... The male has bright red coloring  on his head and the female  is  a brownish color ... I am sure that many of you may have  or had these cute little house guests  over your steps as well ... Most times they build up on top of  the porch beams which is what they have done again at my home this year ... Here are some shots of the nest this year and the tiny baby birdies that were born in it yesterday ...


Anna, The Lemon Lady said...

You are so lucky! How precious, mommy and baby birds. If you need any earthworms or red wrigglers, I've got a compost heap 3 feet high and LOTS of worms. :)

Anonymous said...


Mountain Lion spotted in the bay area.