Monday, July 5, 2010

A Gator In The Reservoir ?

Does anyone else remember the big Gator scare of  75' ?  As I remember it there were numerous sightings of a big  eight foot Alligator sunning himself  on the docks of the  Lafayette Reservoir ... This story always fascinated me because to my knowledge they never found this huge carnivore and just reopened the park after looking for a while ... I was one of those kids they refer to in the Lodi newspaper article who frequented the lake back then... We used to fish there every Saturday as kids and
even after all these years I still cant go to that lake and sit out on a dock with out wondering ... For those of you who think this is just an old fish tale here are a couple of links for you ...  Gator Story #1        Gator Story # 2


Anonymous said...

Alligators cannot survive the cold winters of Lafayette. It is impossible for them to survive past even one cold season. Temperatures dip below freezing for many nights during the winter and by that time any alligators will be dead.

Alligators are cold blooded and require warm temperatures to survive.

Smokey said...

I agree ,However there were numerous sightings of an 8 ft. long Gator in 1975 by law enforcement... Now how would someone plant an 8 ft. gator with out getting caught ... Not possible ... It would have had to grow that big from a much smaller size ... But how is that possible with the winter temps...That's what is so fascinating about this historical time in the Lafayette Reservoir... This really did happen and Many people reported seeing it including an officer from Florida with much experience working around Alligators who knew he was looking at a big ole gator and he said it was a mean one ...Back then only 5000 people visited the lake per week ... I am sure that number has become much much larger ...No way he is still there after 35 years ...But he was !

Anonymous said...

People in Florida live with alligators on a daily basis. If there is a lake in Florida, chances are that there are alligators. Florida has so many lakes and swamps. It is nothing like the dry climate of California.

People have even had alligators in their swimming pools. For the most part, alligators are usually slow moving and have a natural fear of humans. Alligators become dangerous only if people feed them and they lose their natural fear of humans. If alligators do get provoked and try to chase after people, most people can outrun them. Mythbusters showed that you can outrun an alligator or crocodile. They don't give chase very far. In fact, they had a hard time even trying to provoke a crocodile. Alligators are cold blooded and only move fast for short distances.

People fish and boat in lakes with alligators all of the time in Florida. They rarely get close to alligators and attacks are really quite rare even in Florida. People in Louisiana live near and fish on the rivers as a way of life and they do just fine. They've lived that way for hundreds of years. Alligators don't just jump into your boat nor do they attack people walking on docks in Louisiana. This isn't the movie Jaws.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing the amount of fun you used to be able to get out of an inflatable alligator. Today people are harder to fool.


Anonymous said...

Aligators will build a nest or den and stay warm enough for the winter. They can't do it for long, but here in Texas it gets below freezing for a week at a time.