Friday, July 2, 2010


This is a picture that I took last February of the beach at Pinecrest Lake ... This lake looks nothing like this today , in fact it is a Summertime shangrila of swimming and excellent fishing...The lake is full of water now and  Pinecrest Lake has a large beach area along its shore by the marina that is no doubt full of people enjoying the hot weather up there on this fourth of July weekend ... So to help cool you off I thought I would show you this picture of  a very COOL lake ... Happy Independence day everyone !


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the warning. You never want to drink water that has shangrila in it! I don't even think it's safe to swim in. The beach looks nice though. I hope there are no tar-balls on it.


Anonymous said...

I have this almost exact same picture from when our Boy Scout troop went snow camping