Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bear On A Wire

What is that line made of ?
Only in Canada will you see a sign like this ... This is an actual sign ...  Funnee----Be sure to read the whole sign ...Click to enlarge...
This post was sent to Smokeys Mountain by  Ed Birsan ...  Local candidate for Concord City Council

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Homeless Folk

I am re-posting this story as it is easy to become hardened to the homeless of Concord by the sights we all see around the Claycord area..I am referring to the 13 Drunkards of Claycord of course ...Those guys have been harassing and loitering for years and years but they do not represent the homeless population in Concord...Though they do not have homes most of them,,,they are something else entirely...No, here is the face of Concord's homeless ...Just a guy trying to stay out of sight as he pushes and drags everything he has in the world up and down a local street here in Concord.   I don't know his story,but I do know that it is important not to forget the less fortunate as we head into the Holiday Season this year..So let's all not  let the 13 Drunkards and their rude behavior cloud the Issue ... Homeless people exist here in our city and I do not have a solution to this problem at all...However Kindness and Generosity to those who actually are genuinely in need goes a long way... Remember , its getting colder at night.....Smokey...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Big Bug Season

This is the time of year when we start to see the bigger bugs come out to eat the other bugs. Have you seen any of these huge Predator Bugs in your garden yet this year? These guys are really interesting to see each year... Ive always been fascinated by the way that the Praying Mantis appears to have such alien intelligence ...I actually found one of these guys inside my house last week. I was opening the blinds on the backdoor and he was on the blinds. He flew into my face and startled me pretty good. Though these guys are quite large thankfully they are harmless to us...when they fly , a large 1 is like a softball size. very startling at 6 am. lol..